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Steel Fibre Jacket Underground and Above Ground Tank. Double Wall Single Compartment and Double Compartment.

Steel / Fibre Jacketed Storage Tanks


Protecting the environment is, and will continue to be, of the utmost importance in the years to come. In response to the need for an environmentally safe underground storage tank, Chip Ngai has developed a Double-Wall FRP Jacketed Steel Tank which is listed by UL (UL 58 for the steel tank and UL 1746 for the FRP Jacket).

Developed through extensive research, development and testing, the tanks have proven to be a safe and effective means of secondary containment and corrosion protection, minimising risk of ground and water contamination caused by fuel leaking from underground storage tanks. Using premium resins and glass fibers in the manufacturing process, our tanks provide long term trouble free service and minimize customer’s risk, concerns and costs.

The tank’s FRP jacket, minimum of 2mm thickness, is a dielectric, non-corrosive and chemically resistant material which has a proven history of stability in underground application. Its design provides an airtight secondary containment jacket which is applied to a UL-58 steel underground storage tank.
This application creates a unique double wall-tank. Using a steel inner wall for structural strength and a semi-rigid outer wall, our tank offers excellent impact and puncture resistance. This jacketed storage tank is compatible not only with petroleum fuels, methanols, ethanols and other chemicals, but also protects the environment by isolating the tank from corrosion.
The tank’s outer wall is separated from the steel tank by a special plastic sheet to create an annular space and an access fitting is provided for installation of leak detection sensors.
Every Chip Ngai FRP jacketed steel tank is hydrostatically tested at the factory to 10-psi. In addition, each tank is subjected to 15-inches Hg vacuum test and ultrasonic thickness test to ensure the quality and integrity of the product.
  • UL listed for corrosion protection and secondary containment
  • Fiberglass jacket  (UL 1746) that dielectrically isolates a UL-58 steel tank from the environment
  • Inner steel tank can be compartmentalized
  • Low cost, double-wall tank with provision for interstitial space monitoring
  • Tested and listed by UL (UL 58 & UL 1746)
  • Provides secondary containment
  • Inner tank is structurally sound and product compatible
  • Jacket material is a product compatible and dielectrically isolates the UL-58 steel tank so no cathodic degradation can occur
  • Eliminates the possibility of failure due to deflection and vibration
  • Affordable secondary containment
Aboveground Steel Tanks 
Types: On Skid, Saddle or Structure
The aboveground steel tanks are manufactured to standards such as MS 761, BS 2594, UL 142 to ensure safety and product integrity.
The ends can be of dished /flanged or flat ends, mounted on skids, saddles or raised structure depending on your needs.
External protective coatings consist of coats of primer and aluminium paint. Internal coatings will be applied if required.


Underground Steel Tanks 
Types: Single-Walled & Double-walled
The underground steel tanks are manufactured to standards such as MS761, BS2594 or UL58 to ensure safety and integrity
Single-walled & double-walled tanks are available. The double-walled tanks enable leakage to be detected and allow users to plan for timely repair/replacement, thus preventing contamination of the environment..
Standard protective coating to external surface is by bituminous coating with marglass layer.