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PWHT Services

Post Weld Heat Treatment (“PWHT”) services is defined as one of heat treatments done after welding / machining to improve the Chemical Mechanical Properties of weldment / machined surfaces. It can also reduce the potential of stress induce cracking thereby enhance the strength and lifespan of the equipment.

Over the years, Chip Ngai has been actively supplying thickwall pressure vessels locally and abroad. In view of its needs in PWHT services, Chip Ngai has designed, fabricated and installed its own furnace at dimension of  5.5m Height x 6m Width x 15.5m Length complete with vaporiser system which is capable of handling equipments up to 300 tons in weight and within the furnace dimension.

It is sufficiently catered for Chip Ngai’s in-house PWHT requirements. In addition, Chip Ngai also provide furnace rental services for similar industrial requirements on stress relieve and/or normalisaing services.