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Steel Fibre Jacket Underground and Above Ground Tank. Double Wall Single Compartment and Double Compartment.

Metal Forming Services

Chip Ngai has over 20 years experience in the manufacture of precision quality dished heads, pressure vessels and storage tanks in Malaysia.

Equipped with a comprehensive range of hydraulic presses, flanging machines and bending rolls for cold and hot forming, Chip Ngai has expanded to provision of specialised metal forming services as well.

In the field of dished heads for pressure vessels and tanks, Chip Ngai has the expertise and capabilities of making all type of dished heads be they SE, torispherical, hemispherical or toriconical. The heads can be constructed in one whole piece or crown/petal segmented type.

With the acquisition of the segmental type of construction for SE and hemispherical heads, Chip Ngai’s capacity has increased tremendously both in thickness and diameter.

Also included in this division is the section-bending rolls with universal telescopic rolls, quick set-up from one type of section to another of a different shape, very high productivity, and tight tolerance on shape, diameter and roundness.

Not forgetting also is Chip Ngai’s capabilities in forming expansion bellows in various sizes, thicknesses and materials for the petrochemical, oleochemical and food processing industries.

Chip Ngai’s METAL FORMING section is continuously expanding to better meet your requirements.