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Dish Ends


Dish ends are parts of a pressure vessel which are used to close off the ends of the vessel shell. Chip Ngai manufactures the dish ends for its own use as wellas for external customers. Due to the growing demand for dish ends, the company invested in high-end machines and currently manufactures dish ends for the global market as well.

In the field of dished head for pressure vessels and tanks, Chip Ngai has the most complete size range capability (in terms of thickness) in the country. The company take pride in having produced and delivered dished heads of 7.64m diameter in one piece by cold forming. Its expanding expertise also includes hot flanging of dished heads to 63mm thick as well.

Chip Ngai’s capabilities with a wide variety of materials specifications is unmatched Chip Ngai offers head materials specifications such as carbon steel low alloy steel, stainless steel and clad steel.

Chip Ngai can also supply head plates for ASME “U”-stamp pressure vessels with certified data reports under Form U2-A of the ASME Code.



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CN has the capability of forming dish head of thickness up to 70mm using hot flanging by our Ribo 32 flanging machine. The attached video is showing the hot flanging process for 2:1 SE Head with the ID 2500 mm and 60 mm thickness, achieving a 10% thinning allowance after forming. The pressed head is first heated to a temperature of 900 degree Celsius, taken out from the furnace and then flanged to the required knuckle radius.