CN Asia
Steel Fibre Jacket Underground and Above Ground Tank. Double Wall Single Compartment and Double Compartment.


Date Description
20/01/2020  Transaction (Chap 10 of LR)  RPT
21/01/2020  Transaction (Chap 10 of LR)  RPT- Amended
26/02/2020  Quarterly Report On Consolidated Results For The Financial Period Ended 31 Dec 2019
02/04/2020  Change in the Interest of Substantial Shareholder Pursuant to Section 138 of CA 2016 - Mr. Charles Ross McKinnon 
22/04/2020  Notice of AGM
22/04/2020  Notice of EGM
23/04/2020  Annual Report & CG Report
23/04/2020  Circular to Shareholder – Proposed Acquisition
21/05/2020  Quarterly Report On Consolidated Results For The Financial Period Ended 31 Mar 2020
05/05/2020  Proposed Private Placement
11/06/2020  Proposed Private Placement (submission of listing application)
15/06/2020  Proposed Private Placement (Bursa approval)
17/06/2020  Proposed Acquisition (variation of term)
19/06/2020  Proposed Private Placement (Price fixing)
23/06/2020  Unusual Market Activity (Query)
23/06/2020  Unusual Market Activity (reply)
24/06/2020  Changes in Substantial shareholding (S138)
24/06/2020  Notice of Person Ceasing (S139)
26/06/2020  Proposed Private Placement (ALA)
29/06/2020  Proposed Private Placement (Completion)
07/07/2020  Outcome of meeting (EGM)
07/07/2020  Outcome of meeting (24th AGM)
08/07/2020  Changes in Substantial Shareholding (S138) [Amended] – Charles Ross McKinnon
08/07/2020  Notice of Person Ceasing (Sec 139) [Amended] – Charles Ross McKinnon
10/07/2020  Notice of Interest Substantial Shareholding (S137) – Ho Wye Yew
10/07/2020  Changes in Substantial Shareholding (S138) – Ho Cheng San
10/07/2020  Changes in Substantial Shareholding (S138) – Angeline Chan Kit Fong
10/07/2020  Changes in Director (S219) – Ho Cheng San
10/07/2020  Changes in Director (S219) – Angeline Chan Kit Fong